Benefits of Raisins, Pistachio and Makhana (Fox Nuts)

Benefits of Raisins, Pistachio and Makhana are followings.

Benefits of Raisins (Munakka) | Raisins Good for You | Dry Grapes Benefits

Big grapes take the shape of a raisin after drying. Its effect is warm. By using it, physical weakness is removed, strength is generated. Lungs get strength, it is like blood and nectar for weak patients. It improves digestion. It also increases the strength of the vagina. It is very strong for the heart. Eyesight also increases with it. Its use leads to development of blood and metals. It is widely used in the following treatments.

Raisins benefits for Cough, runny nose

Cough, Colds, Coughs, Colds and Colds, Munakka is very useful.

Frequent colds

If anyone has frequented cold problem then, soak 11 beads, 11 black peppers, 5 almonds and peel them. Then grind them all Mix 25 grams in milk and eat at night before going to bed. In the morning, drink boiled milk with two Long pepper, 10 black peppercorns, turmeric powder in milk. Drink this for several months. The cold will be completely cured.

Increase semen

To increase blood and semen, first wash and soak 60 grams of raisins and then eat it after 12 hours. Soaked beads remove stomach ailments and increase blood and semen. You can gradually increase the beads up to 200 grams. Eating three to four kilos of raisins in a year like this is very beneficial.

Raisins benefits for Hunger

Raisins, salt, black pepper mixed and eaten by heating increases appetite. It is useful to use in chronic fever when there is no appetite.

Raisins benefits for Asthma and T.B.

Raisins, long pepper, sugar are ground in equal quantity and eaten one spoon in the morning and evening. T.B., breath, cough, goes away.

Raisins benefits for Smallpox

A smallpox patient is benefited by eating a couple of nuts or raisins several times a day.

Raisins benefits for Dizziness

Consuming 20 grams of raisins, roasted in ghee and adding salt stops dizziness.


Health Benefits of Eating Pistachio Nuts | Pistachios Good for You 

Compared to internal strength, it is equal to almonds and relieves mental stress. It strengthens the heart and liver. It is equivalent to nectar in blood deficiency. Heavy, warm increases strength and semen and is tasty, nutritious and aromatic. .


Children or adults who have weak memory must use pistachios. It also strengthens the heart.

Masculine weakness

Pistachio thickens thin semen. Increases semen volume and removes male impotence.


Pistachios are very useful for women who experience miscarriage. It contains vitamin E, which maintains the pregnancy.

Fox Nuts Benefits | Makhana Nutrition | Makhana or Fox Nuts or Lotus Seeds

Makhanas are especially used to overcome physical weakness. It is very strong and tasty. It is sweet, astringent, and tonic. It is a sperm inhibitor and sperm enhancer. Hence, it is beneficial in removing the dilution of sperm. It is also very useful for women.

Physical Weakness

Women who are physically very weak should soak it in milk and eat it once every day in the evening.

Heart Failure

It is beneficial to eat makhanas kheer in the morning. It should be used for 40 days.


Fry the makhanas in ghee and cut them into pieces and add sugar to it and eat 10 grams in the morning with milk.

Masculine Weakness

Crush the pistachio pumpkin in the kheer of the makhanas and then eat that kheer. It increases libido. The semen increases and the barrier strength increases.

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