Health Benefits of Cashew nuts and Almonds

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Cashews | Benefits of Cashew nuts for men and women

Cashews | Benefits of Cashew nuts for men and womenCashews are the best among the nutritious and vitamin-rich nutrients. It is strong, sweet and rich in vitamins. Strengthens the heart and nerves and increases memory. Eating cashew nuts in the morning on an empty stomach and applying honey on top of it quickly improves memory. With its use, the infectious disease is cured soon. Constipation is removed by eating it with a mouthful. With the daily use of cashews, this disease is cured quickly. Cashews should be chewed well and eaten.

Role of Cashew nuts in Reducing Knee Pain

People who have pain in their knees and pain in their legs due to restlessness, they should use cashews because vitamin B is very high in cashews.

Almonds | Benefits of Almonds

Almonds | Benefits of AlmondsNature has made almonds proud by giving them the shape of eyes. Doctors have praised this precious gift of nature. He has been addressed by the name of Naina. In fact, almonds are the most popular fruit in the world. It refreshes the body, makes new blood and strengthens the mind and makes the heart strong. Paper almonds are generally used in medicines. Almonds are sweet, heart-strengthening, and nerve-strengthening. It is the best fruit for man in every way.

Ejaculation Treatment using Almonds

For those whose semen is rejected at the start of sexual intercourse, take 6 almonds, 6 black peppercorns, 2-gram sugar as required, mix them all and chew them with milk.

Body Strength using Almonds

Soak twelve almonds overnight. Grind in the morning. Then put ghee in a cleaned copper pan, add ground almonds and roast them, add half milk before it turns red. When it comes to three boils, take it out, cool it, add sugar and drink it. Grind almonds and fennel seeds evenly. Take one teaspoon at night with cold water at bedtime. This | With this, the strength of the body will increase, headache, weakness will be removed, the body will be healthy, semen will increase, weakness will be removed.

Lack of Menstruation

Soak one almond and one chickpea in water overnight. Grind both of them in the morning and eat them with butter and sugar for three months, menstruation will come well.

Mental Retardation Treatment using Almonds

Soak 10 almonds overnight. By removing the peel in the morning and adding 12 grams of butter and sugar and eating it for a couple of months, mental weakness is removed. If for 40 days, 10 grams of seven almonds, sugar, fennel are grinded and taken at night with warm milk, the brain power increases and the eyesight is quickened. There is no need to wear glasses. Do not drink water at night. If this is not possible then grind 10 almonds and mix in half a kilo of milk. When it comes to three boils, take it out and cool it, mix it with sugar and drink almond nuts and finely chop equal quantity of jaggery. Take one teaspoon with cold water at night before going to bed. This will increase mental strength, headache, weakness will go away.

Eye Disease Treatment using Almonds

All kinds of eye diseases- watery eyes, eye pain, eye weakness, eye fatigue among other things, soak almonds at night, grind them with water and drink them in the morning. After taking this drink the milk. All kinds of eye diseases will be cured.

Small Pox Treatment using Almonds

Soak five almonds in water, grind and drink. Smallpox lesions quickly heal.

Obesity Treatment using Almonds

Soak 12 almonds in water, peel them and grind them in the morning. One in it Mix some butter and a little sugar and eat it with double bread. After this drink some milk. You will become fat in a month and your brain will also be fast.

Stammering Treatment using Almonds

Eating 12 almonds soaked, peeled, ground and mixed with half a teaspoon of butter every day for a few months cures stammering and stammering. Also, one should try to speak slowly and without nervousness. By grinding 10 almonds finely and mixing them with sugar and licking them, it cures thrush.

Urinary Tract Irritation Treatment using Almonds

Soak five almond nuts and then peel them and add seven small cardamoms and sugar according to taste, grind them and dissolve them in a glass of water and drink it twice in the morning and evening, by doing this, urinary irritation will be cured.

Bone Strength Treatment using Almonds

Almonds are rich in calcium, lime, iron, phosphorus, which strengthens the bones of children.

Dry Cough Treatment using Almonds

In case of dry cough, keeping almonds in the mouth keeps the throat dry. Cough is beneficial. If there is constant coughing, but the phlegm does not come out, soak five almonds and then peel them and add the same amount of sugar and lick them twice in the morning and evening. There will be benefit.


1. Unsweetened almond milk side effects?

Ans: There are a few probable negative effects of almond milk. However, the only factors contributing to these adverse outcomes are nut allergies and excessive consumption. Allergies to nuts, problems with the thyroid system, skin reactions, high blood sugar, stomach problems, etc. are a few potential side effects.

2. Benefits of dark chocolate almonds?

Ans: According to the study, eating just almonds reduced LDL cholesterol by 7% when compared to the time when participants ate none of the study foods. The main benefits of dark chocolate almonds are incredibly nourishing, a great source of antioxidants, may reduce blood pressure and increase blood flow, increases HDL and guards against oxidation of LDL, reduces the risk of developing heart disease, may offer sun protection for your skin, could enhance brain activity, etc.

3. Silk almond milk benefits?

Ans: Silk almond milk has 50% more calcium than dairy milk, is also a great source of vitamins E and D. You can drink silk almond milk, combine it, or include it into dishes. It is vegan and free of carrageenan, soy, dairy, gluten, and artificial colors and flavors.

4. the benefits of drinking almond milk?

Ans: It is nourishing, contains few calories, Almond milk without sugar doesn’t cause blood sugar to rise, free of dairy, bones might be strengthened by enriched almond milk, could lower the chance of developing heart disease, and Vitamin D levels in enriched almond milk are high.

5. Silk almond milk good for you?

Ans: Almond milk has healthy lipids and a lot of vitamin E. Regular consumption of silk almond milk could be good for your heart.

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