Tamarind for Weight Loss, Diabetes and Health Benefits

Tamarind for Weight Loss, Diabetes and Health Benefits are as followings.

Tamarind Tea Benefits| Tamarind for Weight Loss

It is a natural herb. Tamarind is considered to be the best in Ayurvedic medicine. In normal condition, if it is used, it can also cause harm to the person by producing fluid. It cures very sour, heavy, hot, appetite factor, constipation, flatulence and many other ailments. Ripe tamarind is sweet, cooling, anthelmintic and anti-diarrheal for hemorrhoids. It is used in the following diseases.

Health Benefits and Nutritional Value of Tamarind Fruit

Bloody Hemorrhoids

Drinking the juice of tamarind leaves is beneficial in bloody piles.


(Heartburn) Drinking ripe tamarind juice with mishri cures heartburn.


By rubbing the pulp of ripe tamarind on the hands and soles of the feet, the effect of loo ends. Soaking 25 grams of tamarind in a glass of water and drinking its water does not cause diarrhea in summer. 50 grams of tamarind is soaked in half a kilo of water for an hour. Mix some sweet like bura, misri, sugar in it according to taste and drink it. With this, to get cold in the heat, | Restlessness and jitters get better. Diarrhea clears up. Addiction to cannabis and alcohol goes away. Burns in the body are cured. If you want to improve the taste of the mouth, instead of sweet things, add salt, black pepper and roasted cumin seeds. The taste in the mouth will be improved by removing the distaste.

Plague, Fever, Jaundice

Drinking tamarind water is beneficial in plague, heat fever and jaundice.


Intoxication of alcohol and bhang, by soaking ripe tamarind in water and drinking that water gets off Intoxication.

Cold Water

Cold water (Colling Drink) Soak tamarind and sugar according to taste in a glass of water After an hour, rub the tamarind and wash it. This superior cold water is ready.

Early Dismissal

Soak half a kg of tamarind seeds in water for four days and then remove the skin and hide it in the shade. After drying, grind and mix equal parts of Misri. Take one-fourth teaspoon twice a day with milk, morning and evening. 50 days of use cures early withdrawal. Semen thickens.


It is beneficial to mix 30 grams of tamarind in a glass of water and drink it when it is cold.

Bone Color

(Fluangesis) This is a bony part. When a person drinks water containing fluorosis, he gets fluorosis. With this disease, teeth become damaged and turn yellow, decay and the weight of bones decreases. Stiffness occurs in the joints. And pressure comes in the spine. Tamarind water does not allow people to get bone disease. Salt in tamarind water increases the strength of removing arid ions by 40 times.



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