Tulsi Medicinal Uses | Holy Basil Benefits Hormones

Tulsi Medicinal Uses | Holy Basil Benefits Hormones details are given below.

Health Benefits of Basil Tea 

Tulsi plant is considered very sacred in Indian culture. It is worshiped every morning in every Hindu family. Many diseases are treated through its leaves.

Tulsi Leaves Benefits For




Drinking equal amounts of Tulsi and Paan juice, heated, cures diarrhea in children. It cures flatulence and vagus.




Tulsi juice has the property of thinning mucus and expelling it. So, it is useful in cold cough. Taking Tulsi juice, Bahid, Ginger juice, Onion juice together is very beneficial in Asthma, Khasi.




The leaves of tulsi dried in the shade, ground finely, strained with a cloth and sprinkled on the wound heals the wound. You can also grind its leaves and apply it.


Wound Healing


Boil basil leaves and wash the wound with that water. Apply crushed basil leaves on the wound. Soak a thin cloth in the juice of basil leaves and tie a bandage.




In fever, cough, respiratory diseases, three grams of Tulsi leaf juice, three grams of ginger juice, 5 grams of honey and licked in the morning and evening will be beneficial.




Cold, cough, sore throat, mucus in the lungs If frozen, dry leaves of Tulsi, Katha, camphor and | Cardamom in equal quantity, grind all together with nine times shankar. Take a pinch of it in morning and evening, congealed phlegm will come out.


Nose Smell


(nasal odor) Juice of Tulsi leaves or inhalation of crushed dry leaves relieves nasal odor and kills insects.




Boil 10 basil leaves, three grams of ginger, five cloves, 21 black chillies and add sugar as per taste. When the water is half, give the patient water. The fever will subside. If there is nervousness in fever, add sugar to the juice of basil leaves and make a syrup and drink it.


Half a Headache


A quarter teaspoon of tulsi leaves crushed with honey and licked in the morning and evening will be beneficial.




Dry the basil leaves in the shade and grind them. Inhaling it to a headache patient relieves the pain and cures the excitement of madness. Drinking equal quantity of Tulsi leaf juice and lemon juice relieves headache.


All-Color Killer


Tulsi has heating elements so it should be used sparingly in summer. 25 to 100 leaves for adults and 5 to 25 leaves for children at a time after grinding and adding honey or jaggery. Take thrice daily for 2-3 months.


On an empty stomach, take the first dosage in the morning. By taking it in this way, gout, joint pain, vein pain, swelling due to kidney failure, stones, white spots (Leucoderma), blood fat increase (Blood cholestral), obesity, constipation, gas formation (Acidity cholestrol), dysentery, prostate Diseases, Mentally Retarded Children’s Winter Cold, Frequent Fever, Wound Healing, Broken Bones Fast Joining, Wounds Fast Healing, Cancer, Bia, Asthma, Respiratory Diseases, Allergies, sore eyes, vitamin A and B deficiency, measles, headache, migraine, etc. are relieved.


Throat and Heart Disease


Heart diseases, tonsils, throat diseases do not occur by wearing Tulsi garland.


Health Condition


If a person eats 6 Tulsi leaves every day he will be protected from many diseases and all kinds of diseases will be cured soon. Mix crushed leaves of Tulsi with one teaspoon of honey and drink it once a day. With this, you will be outgoing and the glow of health (redness) will come on the talk.




Grinding basil leaves and applying juice on hemorrhoids is beneficial. Use basil leaves every day.


Toxic Color


Grinding tulsi leaves and applying salt to the bite site of ear bee, bhavra, scorpion quickly relieves burning and pain. By rubbing the body with basil leaf juice, mosquitoes do not bite. If it gets bitten, grind basil leaves and mix it with water and give it to the patient.


Fever Smallpox


Grinding ajwain with basil leaves and using it every day cures smallpox fever. it is good to drink the juice of basil leaves every morning when smallpox or mata is spreading.


Respiratory Disease


Drinking five drops of basil leaves juice mixed with half a teaspoon of honey is beneficial in breast disease in children.




if dizziness occurs, grind 20 leaves of tulsi mixed with one teaspoon of honey and lick it, it will be beneficial.


Excess Sunburn


5 drops of basil leaf juice, one teaspoon of sugar, mixed with half a cup of water will not cause sunburn. it is beneficial to get wet and dry.


White Discharge in Women


1. Tulsi leaf juice and honey mixed in equal quantity and licked in the morning and evening are beneficial.


2. Mix cumin in basil juice and use with cow’s milk.


Rheumatism Pain


Boil basil leaves and apply its steam on the painful parts and wash it with warm water. Use basil leaves, black pepper, cow ghee in combination. This cures the pain of Y. in foreign countries | This experiment is very popular.


Nerve pain


A decoction of tulsi seeds is beneficial for neuralgia.




On kill, royal, dark spots, Tulsi powder mixed with butter and smeared on the face.



Applying a rub of tulsi wood on rashes caused by heat and rain is beneficial.




A worm emerges from the skin like a long thread. Where the ball is about to come out, there is swelling. Here, by rubbing and applying basil root on the swollen area, the ball comes out 2-3 inches. It should be tied. Apply the same again on the next day. By continuing to do this, the entire ball comes out. Even after the ball comes out, you should keep applying it, which | Fill the ball completely.


Hair Problem


(Hair fall, graying) If the hair is falling or has turned white at a young age, mix basil leaves and amla powder with water and apply it on the head. Wash your head after ten minutes. This makes the hair black. Take care that its water does not go into the eyes while applying and washing the head.




Chewing 20 basil leaves, 5 black pepper after eating cures indigestion. Mix sea salt and turmeric in Tulsi decoction and drink it cures indigestion.




Tulsi juice 12 grams, honey 6 grams, drinking both together stops hiccups.




Boiling 12 grams of tulsi leaves in a glass of water and drinking a fourth part of the water will cure liver enlargement and other liver diseases.




4 drops of Tulsi juice in the nose stops the bleeding.


Nose Color


Grinding and inhaling dry leaves of tulsi is beneficial if there is peak discharge, pain in the nose, wounds, hangovers.


Hearing Trouble


(Hearing trouble, ear pain) By heating the juice of Tulsi leaves and putting four drops in the ear, the pain is cured. If the ear is bleeding, applying it for a few days continuously is beneficial.


Brain Heat


Grind five basil leaves and black pepper. Mix it in a glass of water and drink it in the morning for 21 days. It gives the power to remove the heat of the brain.


Increase Strength


Taking five leaves of Tulsi with water in the morning after bath increases strength, brain and mental strength. Drinking 8 drops of Tulsi leaf juice mixed with water daily strengthens muscles and bones. Boiling basil seeds in milk and drinking sugar increases strength.




Grinding basil leaves and massaging them daily all over the body of an epileptic woman or man is beneficial.




Consuming basil leaves every day prevents malaria. Eating 15 Tulsi leaves and 10 black chillies in the morning after the fever has subsided from malaria does not cause malaria fever again. The use of Tulsi is beneficial in all types of fever.




10 drops of Tulsi leaf juice and two spoons of honey mixed in a glass of water for a few days reduces obesity.




5 Cloves roasted and chewed with basil leaves cures all types of cough. Only a decoction of basil leaves cures cough. A quantity of dried leaves of Tulsi and Misri four grams each will cure cough and lungs The sound gets better.


Grind basil leaves and black pepper in equal quantity. Make pills equal to that of moong dal. Take one tablet four times. This also cures dog cough.


Tulsi, ginger, and onion juice mixed with honey is beneficial in cough. Phlegm is expelled. By making a decoction of 12 grams of green leaves of Tulsi, adding sugar and cow’s milk to it, cough and chest pain are relieved.


Dry tulsi powder mixed with honey and licked gives relief from cough. Grind basil and ginger in equal quantity and extract one teaspoon of juice. Mix a spoon of honey in it and lick it. This cures cough and throat diseases.


A mixture of 3 grams of Tulsi juice, 6 grams of Misri, three black peppercorns is beneficial in chest congestion, chronic fever and cough.




By mixing the juice of basil leaves with honey and applying it on the gums and licking it a little, teeth come out without pain. Crushed tulsi leaves with pomegranate syrup also help teeth come out easily.


Headache and fever


Take 12 grams of Tulsi leaf juice every day. make pills Place it under the


Toothache and Cholera


By grinding basil leaves and black pepper aching tooth and it will cure the toothache. Eating this pill cures cholera. Chewing basil leaves with the teeth strengthens the teeth and removes bad breath.




Eating basil leaves with sugar cures dysentery.


Stomach Pain


Taking the juice of basil and ginger in equal quantity and drinking it warm is beneficial in stomach ache. Drinking 12 grams of Tulsi juice cures stomach cramps.




Drinking a decoction of basil leaves is beneficial in diarrhoea. Consuming 10 grams of Tulsi leaf juice every day cures colic and indigestion.




Drinking the juice of tulsi leaves stops vomiting. Stomach worms die. Mixing honey and basil juice and licking it stops nausea and vomiting.


Lightning Strike


If a man has become unconscious due to lightning from the wire or lightning falling from the sky in rain, then he regains consciousness by rubbing basil juice on his head and face.


Water Purification


Adding basil leaves in water purifies the water.




Applying Tulsi juice mixed with coconut oil on fire burns relieves the burn, heals blisters and wounds.




10 Tulsi leaves, five black chillies, five almonds mixed with a little honey and drunk as a syrup improves memory.




Boil 12 grams of basil leaves in 250 grams of water. When the fourth part of the water is left, strain it and add sea salt and drink it hot.




If thirst is felt in any disease, grinding basil leaves and mixing them with water, squeezing lemon and adding misri and drinking it will reduce thirst.




Unnecessary bleeding in women is stopped by consuming 1/4 teaspoon of Tulsi root powder in a pan. Drinking the juice of basil leaves during menstruation does not cause pain. Consuming Tulsi seeds will be beneficial for stopping menstruation.


Blood and Water


Mixing mishri in the juice of tulsi leaves and drinking it cures bleeding and watery discharge.


Preventing Pregnancy


Consuming a cup of Tulsi leaf decoction for three days after the cessation of menstruation does prevent pregnancy, nor does it have any ill effects.




If a woman menstruates, but does not conceive, then during the days of menstruation, chewing basil seeds or grinding them in water or drinking a decoction can prevent pregnancy. . This makes the uterus, healthy, strong and able to conceive.


Strength of Heart


Grind 7 leaves of Tulsi, 4 black chillies and 4 almonds in half a cup of water and drink it every day during winter season. It strengthens the heart. All types of heart diseases are cured.




Boiling tulsi leaves, steaming and washing the diseased area is beneficial. Grind basil leaves, sea salt, and curd and coat everything.




Eating basil leaves and rubbing them on leprosy is beneficial in leprosy.


Weakness of Metal


Grind 60 grams of basil seeds, 75 grams of mustard seeds. Take 3 grams daily with cow’s milk. This leads to gains in thin metal.


Early Dismissal


Eating one-fourth part of Tulsi root or seeds in a spoon helps to cure early elimination. There is a long delay. Semen is powerful.


Increase in Male Strength


3 grams of tulsi seed or root powder mixed with equal quantity of old jaggery and used with milk increases male potency. Thin semen thickens and increases in size. Heat and strength are produced in the body. Many diseases caused by gas and cough are curable. Take this for 40 days.


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